20 years of


20 years of building (micro) services, APIs, and applications with JavaScript, PHP and state of the art technologies. Using Node.Js, React and Vue. Working with highly customizable CMS like Kirby.



We build scalable microservices and RESTful APIs using Node.js. We can help you increase system reliability and scalability, improve data processing efficiency and simplify maintenance and updates with modular architecture

React.js & Vue.js

Frontend / Backoffice

We craft frontends with React.js and Vue.js. We can help you with engaging frontend applications for web and mobile and intuitive UI/UX for seamless interactions. We develop powerful backoffice solutions for efficient workflows.



We help you design and implement scalable systems that meet your unique needs. We can help you develop robust system architectures for complex applications and create detailed technical roadmaps for future growth while conducting thorough assessments of existing infrastructure and providing guidance on technology stack selection


Tech stack


Developing microservices with Node.js

Datastorage & handling

MongoDB, Eventstore, RabbitMQ, Redis, MariaDB

ReactJs & Vue

Building frontends and Backoffice sites with ReactJs and Vue.js


With typescript as our foundation, we're writing robust, typed and well tested code

Kubernetes, Docker, Helm

Managing and orchestrating Microservices in the cloud using robust technologies like Kubernetes, Docker and Helm


Flexible and individual content management using Kirby as on page or headless CMS

Let us help you with nearly 20 years of experience

We are konzentrik, a company from Hamburg with strong fou​ndations in the European digital me​dia tech sector. Since 2007, our focus ​has been on supplying robust and flexible solutions for maj​or media co​mpanies.