Streaming Expertise

FAST Channel Consulting

Since 2007, we've been leading the way in video ​streaming solutions, from EPGs to complex ​architectures. Our clients' channels are showcased ​on Samsung TV+, Rakuten, Zeasn, and LG. ​Additionally, our own SaaS platform maximizes ​streaming ad revenues for customers.

Product development

FAST Streaming Architecture

Establishing the architecture for FAST streaming entails a ​complex task. We are pleased to offer our expertise in guiding ​you towards informed decisions concerning your infrastructure.

Process optimization

VOD to FAST channel

Require assistance in transitioning and scheduling your Video on Demand (VOD) content into FAST channels? Leverage ou​r years of experience in this specialized domain to streaml​ine the p​rocess.


Ad improvement and personalization

Are you seeking to enhance the performance of your ​advertisements? We can help you implementing personalized ​ads and managing your ad server architecture for more fl​exibility in y​our SSAI process.

What we offer

We've Got You Covered

Service Architecture

Let's plan and build the best architecture for your needs.

VOD transformation

Transform your VOD content into full featured FAST streaming channels.

Ad improvement

Let's see how we can improve your ads to increase your revenue.

Ad personalization

We help you personalize your ad delivery so your viewers don't switch away

RapidStream integration

Need help with integrating our RapidStream service? We're happy to help you with that!

General consulting

Don't know where to start or how to get one step further from where you are? Let's get you going!

Beyond consulting


RapidStream is our streaming SaaS platform that helps you to personalize your ads and reach your target audience. Built on a modern microservices architecture, RapidStream is designed to be highly scalable and reliable.
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Apply business rules to determine who monetizes ad breaks
Prevent ads from being shown to the same user twice
Monitor your ad impressions and get detailed insights

Let us help you with ​our nearly 20 years of ​experience in the ​market

We are konzentrik, a company from Hamburg with strong fou​ndations in the European digital me​dia tech sector. Since 2007, our focus ​has been on supplying digital ​EPGs and streaming solutions for maj​or media co​mpanies.